Monday, 1 August 2011

Randy The Fish

This is Randy the incredibly smart fish!
 He can answer any question you ask him,
He has been known to be smarter than humans and can live for thousands of years!
Scientists think it is because Randy the fish was a salmon eating fish and one day in the river Boyne
He saw the most amazing thing a beautiful golden salmon being dragged out of the water by an old man,
the old mans eyes we're filled with joy as if he hadn't eaten in days.
Randy watched him all evening cooking the salmon on a spit,
Randy couldn't stop dreaming about how juicy it was going to be,
As soon as the old man left a boy was in charge to guard, he was warned not to touch the fish, 
But Randy wasn't warned not to touch the fish!

One giant leap was made as soon as the boy turned around and GULP! 
Randy had just ate the Salmon Of Knowledge! He was then the smartest fish in Ireland!
When the old man returned the boy was in HUGE trouble and the old man started to stamp on the ground in anger as Randy swam away.

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