Friday, 4 November 2011

Happy (late) Halloween!

Sorry everybody I haven't posted up anything for a loooong time :'(
I've been so busy at school, I have lot's of project for the junior cert to be done, maybe I can post up some of my work from school soon. Hopefully this weekend!

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

Monday, 29 August 2011

flower cakes!

I made this the other day, 
I cut out star shapes and folded the corners in... so easy :P

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Maeve's Crafty Cards!

these cards were simple to make, form old magazines and cards  stuck down with glue.
love you.

pretty butterflies.
these butterflies were form an old birthday card i got, 
I just cutted around the butterflies and stuck them down on my own piece of card.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Maeve's Fashion Book.

Oohh so colourful! 
This is definitely my favorite page! 
I really like the bag in the top right and.... 
the earrings near the bottom and.... 
the dress to the right of them!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Maeve's Crafty Cards!

These are some i made ages ago and I still have loads more to put up!
Hope you like them!

Say it with flowers...

.....And they lived happily ever after.....

I'm back!

Finally, i'm back from a week in Tipp, 
i didn't get a chance to get on the blog :( 
And school is starting next thursday, 
I'll try get on as much as possible!
 And show some of my art work from school!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

True Love

Summer love the first time they laid eyes on each other they knew they wanted each other...
....ahh how adorable!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cute little ice creams!

mmmm... chocolate 
....Hi Ava & Lauren !
....felling hungry?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

sandwich & salad

I don't think I've shown this yet, I made it a while ago with play-doh
A perfect sandwich with the ingredients chosen carefully, the finest soft white bread, crispy lettuce,
cherry tomatoes and fine red cheddar, served with fresh salad brought in this morning.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Maeve's Crafty Cards!

In this selection I have recycled my own birthday cards to make new ones!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sweet treats!

I love this cake, decorated with the finest play-doh icing and colours carefully selected to your taste,
for a special event.
Some cakes are so pretty I never want to take it apart, 
lots of hard work is put into some but then is cut to pieces the next day it's made,
 handy to have pictures of them so you will never forget the beautiful work put on the cake.

Hot dog!

oh' i'm soo hungry......for a hot dog.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Maeve's Crafty Cards!

Finally! the latest card selection by Crafty Maeve,
One of my most favorite selections,
The sunset card is my favorite and took weeks to make, whoever gets this card better like it!
The 13th and 50th card are already sold :)


Happy Birthday Seán.

50th Birthday.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Maeve's Fashion Book.

I haven't seen any pages from this book in a while, I have been busy making lot's of cards!
This page looks like the next style for Autumn, some leather and check patterns for the outside work.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Randy The Fish

This is Randy the incredibly smart fish!
 He can answer any question you ask him,
He has been known to be smarter than humans and can live for thousands of years!
Scientists think it is because Randy the fish was a salmon eating fish and one day in the river Boyne
He saw the most amazing thing a beautiful golden salmon being dragged out of the water by an old man,
the old mans eyes we're filled with joy as if he hadn't eaten in days.
Randy watched him all evening cooking the salmon on a spit,
Randy couldn't stop dreaming about how juicy it was going to be,
As soon as the old man left a boy was in charge to guard, he was warned not to touch the fish, 
But Randy wasn't warned not to touch the fish!

One giant leap was made as soon as the boy turned around and GULP! 
Randy had just ate the Salmon Of Knowledge! He was then the smartest fish in Ireland!
When the old man returned the boy was in HUGE trouble and the old man started to stamp on the ground in anger as Randy swam away.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mmm..sunday dinner!

Mmmm .... sunday dinner just came early potatoes, peas, carrots and steak can't wait to took in to my mammy's dinner!

One problem ..... theres just too little mashed potatoes and..... I hate PEAS!
"I will Never eat them... You can't make me!"

Monday, 25 July 2011

Down at the pond.

For us it is like a very small puddle, to the pixies and the frogs it's a giant lake.
This frog is looking for a ball the princess lost while she is sitting on the giant toad stool,
but instead he is making her believe he once was a great prince!
"I just want my ball back"she cries
The frog replies -"but just one kiss will break my spell", "forget about the ball"
You should never trust a frog like him because you never know if he's under a real spell,
"why should I believe your under a spell, it could all be lies just for a kiss"the girl says,
"How do you know Im not telling the truth?, for I am a talking frog you know"
Hmmm... this was true the frog could even though he's not suppose to...

"well you could be a criminal and put under the spell as a punishment"she says
The frog was out of excuses and had to get away... 1, 2, 3 and he hopped far away hoping to catch someone else someday.

The princess didn't got her ball back till very the next day when a real prince had come her way, he fetched the ball from the water and took her away to the castle she had dreamed of each day.

Cute little ice creams!

Mmm... How could you say no to this? Sometimes the most plainest flavors are the best, like this one, plain ice-cream and marshmallows 

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Maeve's Crafty Cards!

The cards in this set are nice and simple most were made from paper scraps and beads, the middle one was one I made for my friend for her birthday to be delivered with a lot of presents!

I really like this card, I made it with paper scraps and beads, thankfully the beads aren't to heavy that it falls over! But it is very pretty and sweet, it's a card for any occasion.
Nice and simple with a lot of small detail.

This is a card I made for some friends who are getting married soon.
The hand writing on it isn't perfect but  I do love the bead mosaic, takes a lot of work to make a simple looking card if you're thinking it's just some beads glued onto paper!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cute little ice creams!

Hmmm.... what flavor should this be...I know chocolate and orange!
Is it possible to make orange flavored ice-cream?, I've only tried it as an ice-pop,
I think it would taste nice, a chocoholic would definitely agree with me so I'm not the only one!
The flake on this was so hard to make, you had to scrap play-doh into tiny pieces then get it to stick to a piece of rolled up play-doh it doesn't really look like a flake but it was the best i could get it.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Maeve's Crafty Cards!

Another selection of Maeve's marvelous cards!

maeve's Fashion Book.

All things cool,

I LOVE the things on this page they're all so unusual and quirky like the lego piece clips
and the rubix cube necklace you could make your own, make a giant lego bow and glue it on a hair band nobody knows where you got it and will want you to make them more maybe even Lady Ga Ga! 
The cool new colourful accessary every girl is trying to get her hands on!


mmm.. wine gums, fruit pastiles and gummy bears!
A kids dream to jump in a pool of these!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Three Little Chicks

So adorable.... the expressions in their face can tell you what they are like, the one on the right looks fun, exciting and friendly, the middle one looks...hmm.... a little dopey or clumsy! and the last one looks
shy and quiet and sweet.
They are all so cute... I never thought of it, but none of them have wings, the poor little things
no wonder it was hard for them to get up when they fell over!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Fast Food!

"Here you are sir, one portion of chips, a quarter pounder with cheese and your soda, thats five euro please"... "Oh and sorry.. I had to place a tooth pick under your straw to hold it up!.... Don't worry I am sure it will still taste the same!"

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cute little Cookies

CRUNCH....Crunch...crunch...mmmm chocolate cookies, oreo's, and creamy pastries,
A little chubby boy is gobbling down a box full of the tasty treats for the party, 
MUNCH... CRUNCH... Munch... Crunch... munch... crunch, to the very last crumb.
All that's left for the party now is the cake on the bare table he knows he shouldn't touch,
But.. "A small scoop of the icing wouldn't hurt after all it is MY party they cant give out to me", the little chubby boy says to himself.
After some sticky fingers and a messy face the boy stares at the bare table, 
"What have I done??!!"
"The party is ruined!!"
"AND.. What will mommy and daddy say??!!.... They'll be so mad!'

 The chubby little boy was lucky that day for mommy and daddy had brought home a pinata and
Although there was no cake the kids had great fun with games and prizes till the end.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Maeve's Crafty Cards!

You are viewing the collection of handmade cards made by me,
I make one of each card so every single one is unique 
for my friends and family, so much nicer than a shop bought card
and a lot more thought and effort put into making it.
Someday I hope to own a homemade card business selling my exclusive selection of cards for all occasions  

Maeve's Fashion Book.

This page is all about the different colours mixing and how well they look in a marble kind of pattern.
I really like the green and blue mixed blouse on the top left, I think the colours go well together,
I also like the colours in the pink model, the way the pink turns to orange and white
it's very daring to go out in with a lot of heads turning to look at the rediculous outfit you're wearing or maybe the next day find you have set the new summer style of mixed colours that everybody's wearing, the guys, the girls, the ladies, the gentlemen and the kids!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cute little ice creams!

Nothing better than strawberries and chocolate.

Apple sorbet, mm...nice sweet so juicy.

How cute! 
Sweet little buttons and an adorable little bear!
On gooey chocolate ice-cream in a cone.
A cute little girl dreams for it and....
....She screams...
..."I WANT IT NOW!!!"

The girl is rottenly spoiled and gets her own way, 
 she take one big bite of this cute little ice-cream
One loud shriek and the maids at the door -
 "whats wrong my Darling?"
The little girl cries- "I've just eaten play-doh"
It served her right for always getting what she wanted
but what she never wanted was an ice-cream again.