Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cute little Cookies

CRUNCH....Crunch...crunch...mmmm chocolate cookies, oreo's, and creamy pastries,
A little chubby boy is gobbling down a box full of the tasty treats for the party, 
MUNCH... CRUNCH... Munch... Crunch... munch... crunch, to the very last crumb.
All that's left for the party now is the cake on the bare table he knows he shouldn't touch,
But.. "A small scoop of the icing wouldn't hurt after all it is MY party they cant give out to me", the little chubby boy says to himself.
After some sticky fingers and a messy face the boy stares at the bare table, 
"What have I done??!!"
"The party is ruined!!"
"AND.. What will mommy and daddy say??!!.... They'll be so mad!'

 The chubby little boy was lucky that day for mommy and daddy had brought home a pinata and
Although there was no cake the kids had great fun with games and prizes till the end.

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