Monday, 25 July 2011

Down at the pond.

For us it is like a very small puddle, to the pixies and the frogs it's a giant lake.
This frog is looking for a ball the princess lost while she is sitting on the giant toad stool,
but instead he is making her believe he once was a great prince!
"I just want my ball back"she cries
The frog replies -"but just one kiss will break my spell", "forget about the ball"
You should never trust a frog like him because you never know if he's under a real spell,
"why should I believe your under a spell, it could all be lies just for a kiss"the girl says,
"How do you know Im not telling the truth?, for I am a talking frog you know"
Hmmm... this was true the frog could even though he's not suppose to...

"well you could be a criminal and put under the spell as a punishment"she says
The frog was out of excuses and had to get away... 1, 2, 3 and he hopped far away hoping to catch someone else someday.

The princess didn't got her ball back till very the next day when a real prince had come her way, he fetched the ball from the water and took her away to the castle she had dreamed of each day.

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